The Helpless Generation

We are the helpless generation

A generation full of children brought up where you get a trophy for participating. A pat on the back for speaking out.

A generation of sayers, not doers.

We say we should start a business while laying on the couch, and do nothing past the idea expecting it to progress. Say that you need to work out, then get another soda and bag of chips from the kitchen.

We say we want to go new places, and experience it behind a TV screen while playing the newest Call of Duty and praising how realistic it feels.

We grew up in a way that nothing was our fault, but the fault of others. Failing classes? not our fault, the teacher didn’t teach right.

We grew up that even a “try” was good. but as Yoda says “do or do not there is no try”.

We grew up having afternoons until parents got home from work as TV time. We grew up helpless because our parents gave us everything we could want, and made us strive for nothing.

Growing up where outside is dangerous because no parents are around, just the pedofiles who sit at park benches.

As children we are groomed to believe that we are the main character, and that everyone else is an  unimportant side character to spice up the story. We value ourselves way more than others, and expect to get by on others good will.

We grew up where adults opened the doors while we waited. Where if we had a problem things would be dropped immediately to aid us.

How can someone not be helpless when they don’t try to achieve more than the baseline?

“I came to class every day, what more could I do to pass the class” — How about doing the work, and studying for the test? That is too much for us, as it cuts into our “personal” time. We’d rather float by doing the minimum then work hard.

This leads us to graduation where we don’t know what to do after, we apply to college late… or not at all. We go into the armed forces because it seems like the easiest path, where it takes the least work to complete… Surprises lie in store for them!

We are the helpless generation full of those who have dreams, but no means. Full of hope, but no reality. We are the helpless generation full of crap because the couch is too comfortable. We are helpless because we really don’t want to do it ourselves, but have others do it for us.

We are the helpless generation, and  as the hopeless generation we wait for help to change our image. So, work together to become more as one is more than the sum of their parts.

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