Learned Helplessness or Education?

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin

Learned Helplessness  is behavior typical of an organism (human or animal) that has endured repeated painful or otherwise adverse stimuli which it was unable to escape or avoid. After such experience, the organism often fails to learn escape or avoidance in new situations where such behavior would be effective. In other words, the organism seems to have learned that it is helpless in averse situations, that it has lost control, and so it gives up trying.

Whereas Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.
What does it mean when we teach our children that just trying is good enough. So first tell me what you think about the old Star Wars films and the famous Yoda quote “Do or do not there is no try.”

This brings the question of how much hand holding is recommended to bring up children so they can be functioning adults who don’t have to call their parents for every little question.

Children these days are thrust into life without much guidance on how to complete their necessities.

When was the last time you taught your children how to balance a checkbook? Do their  taxes? file for insurance?

We don’t teach them, expecting them to learn from the underfunded overcrowded schools where the only time to get one on one time with a teacher is by staying late, or arriving early… Assuming the teachers don’t go home before 5pm because they are teaching 36 children 5 times a day. Yet they are expected to have enough time to spend one on one time with every student to teach them in a way that makes them excel as an individual’s.

We teach children that they need to go to the adults in life when they have trouble, not how to work through problems themselves. So when they run into problems they call daddy to bail them out.

When children call mommy crying because they failed a test and it’s the teacher’s fault… Not the fault of the child who did not study for the test and slacked off all year to receive his grade of ‘F’.

Teachers get flack for unwilling students, and low test scores. How do you change this when children are so entitled they believe everything is up to teachers to do for them.

When the education system is messed up to the point that there are no life classes, just sports and common core of Math, English, Science, and Social studies. When do we teach children of important financial things like how to balance their checkbook, how to buy and sell stock, or how to find the lowest interest rate, what credit really is, or how to make financial plans.

At what point do we become a self entitled age of me me me..? Oh, wait. — We’re already there. We live in a world where it couldn’t matter if somebody else was shot… just because it wasn’t you it doesn’t matter.

We need to teach our children to stand up for themselves, not to shy away from challenge and get mommy’s help.

I expect many parents get the horrifying call about their child’s new home or car loan… The call of horror when they say they got compound interest. How do they know better if there isn’t a class for that?

Even worse than a interest call — the credit card debt call. They need money to fix their problem, and are hundreds or thousands in debt because of frugal spending.

If we spent the money in schools, and brought back “life” classes the children would graduate knowing things that current graduates are clueless about.




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