Hero or Role Model?

Can  a Hero be a Role Model?
Can a Role Model be a hero?

What does it take to be a hero? According to dictonary.com it is “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.”

Is simply doing the right thing day after day, and struggling to be a hero? I do not believe so. What I believe truly makes a hero is not the feeling of wonder you feel when you see somebody you believe is larger than life. A Hero is Somebody who works through adversity. For example ten years ago Lance Armstrong was the hero — A man who had fought cancer multiple times, and was a world class athlete.

Or was Michael Phelps five years ago who became the most meddled Olympian? The man who climbed the ladder of talent and hard work to become a swimming icon, who people would coach their swimmers with “To be like Phelps” lines.

Is somebody who speaks the truth they believe, like Donald Trump? Sure he might have some beliefs that are largely frowned upon, but there is one thing we need to remember; he has his own beliefs and sticks to them, unwavering. He believes this so he pushes and states his thoughts rather than tip-toeing around them.

Personally, I do not believe a hero is somebody who has yet to expand their own capabilities past talents. I believe a hero is someone who only really succeeds in their area of expertise. Yet still pushes others to do their utmost.

What is required of a role-model? Dictonary.com calls a role-model “a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people.”

Is simply showing somebody how to live a day to day life that makes someone a role model? Is living life as a straight arrow who was the straight arrow? This just means that there won’t be anybody who is truly capable of being a role model, but people who are able to show the path. A role model is someone who has lived through so much they can share the good and the bad to help you on the right path.

A role-model should have experienced things that make them a person who should be looked up to, not always walking the straight narrow, but doing things day to day to the best of their abilities and attempting to nurture those who see them.

I believe that someone like Cam Newton is a hero not a role model. A famous person who struggled and trained to get to a professional level He is someone who , tears things out of fans hands, and cries at a loss. This does not mark someone who should be looked up to, but rather someone looked down upon. Sure, he is a hero. But a role model?

Are teachers that are role models? Granted, they might struggle with getting students to the best, but still push each individual to do their best and burst forth in new directions with their learning, and life enrichment.

Is a grandparent who has been around the block who deserves the role? They have gone through your struggles, your parents struggles and many other things in their past, and are now at a point where they love with a big heart. They might have experienced a lot, but what can they teach you past what they have done?


I believe a hero and a role model are one in the same. They need to be someone who has experience in succeeding and failing to help someone in their own life. Otherwise what is known is just what they experienced with no idea of the other side. They are someone who has fallen many times, but always gets up and brushes off the dirt.

Heroes and Role models are the very same. They are those who have learned the right things to do, and practice the things they preach and show others how to live, not tell them. They walk with the people, not without. They teach as they tread alongside you helping your confidence in yourself, and showing you how to live your life in a way to be proud of.

For example, growing up my grandparents died early, and I didn’t have any ‘heroes’ other than my parents until I met a gentleman from my neighborhood. He taught me how to shoot a bow, how to make arrows. He talked with me about his belief in Jesus, and how he grew up. He lectured me on humility and on love, explained the importance of school to a fading interest and love to a heartsick boy. A man who had love in his eyes for everybody he met. He ended up as more than a role model, more than a hero, and more than a friend. He filled each of those roles.

A hero can not be a role model, but a role model can be a hero. However, I believe there is a small distance between the two. A hero is likely someone you will never meet, but a role model is someone who could be your friend for life.


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