What is Success?


Is success having the money to buy things you don’t need like mansions? Do you need to have millions of dollars at your fingertips to be successful? When did we evolve past the ability to provide for ourselves and our family as successful?

Do you need a fancy car? Can you determine if someone is successful by the car they drive? “Oh, they have a Porsche, so I want their job.” or “look at the Rolodex on that wrist, that is one fancy timekeeper, they must have a thriving business.” While sometimes nice things give you a good feeling isn’t there a point where enough is enough?

We can look at Eminem’s house, or at Beyonce’s. At what point do they need that much room?

According to Merriam-Webster Success is:having the correct or desired result or: having gotten or achieved wealth, respect, or fame. So I guess that means that whenever somebody is famous they are successful if they are famous?

So people like Donald Trump who has filed for bankruptcy four times in the last twenty-five years. Sure, I’ll admit being able to create empires is a good thing, but what use is an empire that falls? What’s good about being known as a racist? Does that mean if I hate on others, and go bankrupt I am successful?

What about Justin Bieber who has been arrested, sued, and hated? He might be someone who got into the music industry, but is he really successful with all the hatred, with the arrests? So does that mean if I go to jail I’m successful?

Or is success really just being able to afford everything you need, and provide a good life for yourself, and dependents? Sure you work a 9-5, but at the end of the day they go home, they see their dependent whether it’s the children, the significant other, or the animals?

I believe success is really being able to live your life in a pleasant matter, you have everything you need even if some things you want are not there. “I have a wonderful family and we have every necessity.” Congratulations! you’re successful! why? It’s due to hard work, and the happiness from knowing you have all you need. even the Beetles used to say “All you need is love.” I believe that is almost correct, I would say “All you need is Happiness” because you will never be successful if you’re unhappy. Learn to love what you have and you will be the most successful around.




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