When you find a reason

Growing up I always felt my older brother’s reputation looming over me. This came to a head as the years passed and my bubbling dissatisfaction for comparison passed the brim during High school and leading into college.


I wanted to find out why people had the same thoughts and expectations between two different people. My thought was we may be biological siblings so we share appearance but why would that mean we share intellects.


While looking at majors after transferring to Central Washington University, I saw Public Relations on a sheet of majors. I looked more and more into PR I found myself amazed, there was a place for my ideas and my personality to flourish.


I don’t think that we share interests in hobbies, or shared anything close to the same intellect. The only thing we share is our genes, and love for our family.


During constant comparison I’ve taken interest in why exactly we as siblings were compared so fiercely, even though we are so different. The best reason I have come up with is branding, and how we are under the same “Company” name even though we are two different departments.


A career showing off the best, and new sides of people and companies. Telling myself that this is what I want to do with my life. I want to be one who changes or creates reputation.


Gaining the knowledge to bring to light the difference, and the positive parts of people or companies. I now relate these experiences to my own life when I see family, or old acquaintances.


Public Relations gave me a positive way to pursue my own reputation. Both in career and in my social life, I believe I have become who I would like — myself. No longer will a shadow loom over me as a ‘younger brother’.


Finding the Public Relation major has done more than give me a major, and a future career. it has changed and continues to change my life as it opens my eyes, how will you choose to relate in the future?


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