Are you still learning?

What lessons have yet to be learned?

You can never know everything you will ever need to know. Learning is a constant theme in working careers that professionals recommend that students never stop doing. Even once they graduate and begin their professional careers. Two CWU alumni  Barb Arnot, and Fred Kohout, offered as a life lesson to students.

“I’m still learning.”  Barb Arnott, a Public Affairs Coordinator at CWU said to a class of PR majors at CWU on wednesday. “A lot of it is seeing how something will work.” Learning is an important factor that we can never stop doing because if we do, we will fall between the cracks of the work force and be left behind.

Barb Arnott Came and spoke to a PR class at CWU yesterday, to help shape student perceptions and expectations for their futures. Trying to solidify the fact that many kinds of work and skills help to shape the future career options one has.

Barb mentioned a lot of directions to learn and become proficient at, such as photoshop, social media and video editing. During her talk Barb stressed to the class that “Learning how to write is so important.” Barb spent time talking about her work with the media produced by CWU being legacy, digital and social, as well as what CWU Public Affairs looks for in interns.

Digital media and social media is the current generational advertising platform as the target audiences, as digital natives are target audience and adapt on their online platforms and so get most of their information online. Barb talked quite a bit about running Twitter and Facebook before saying “I could learn a lot about social from you guys.”

Walking out the door I began to realize how important different aspects of a whole are. Realizing that Learning,  writing, motivations and public speaking are so important for any career path I may choose, I pieced together what it truly means to be a professional in a field.

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