Avoid Stagnation With These 6 Recommendations

Jared Vallejo, Marketing Mastermind for Iron Horse Brewery and CWU alumni talked to an advanced PR class early on Monday morning at CWU.

Jared talked about his career path, after starting with a theater degree he worked in app development, and is currently working in marketing for a brewery, though Jared insists they are “More of a culture company that produces beer.”

Jared shared his professional experience, and his advice for student that stuck with me was:

Read more: read more books, “Read more than your friends do”. — By reading more you can Increase your knowledge and improve your writing skills, as you never know what lessons you can learn by opening a book.

Be lucky: We can’t always be lucky, sometimes you have to create your own luck. “Create your luck if you can’t be lucky” — Creating your own luck can be as simple as researching subjects properly, and doing work to cultivate relationships.

Try things: We willing to try things that might be outside your comfort zone, even if it ends in failure it means you’re trying and that’s where lessons come from. “Be willing to try things and say yes to whatever idea”

Honesty: Be honest about everything you’re doing, and remember Kindness is honesty. — If you make mistakes, or if you think a project is going the wrong way speak up

Be cautious as you grow: Maintain authenticity, and be careful of not trying too hard. — Don’t outgrow your brand.

Fail Daily With failure it means you’re trying and that’s important because that’s where lessons come from.

Develop yourself and your writing style into something consistent. Do it by reading more, trying things, honesty to one’s voice, growth, luck and more than a little failure. When working you must understand the voice that you’re writing for, and that it’s it’s own entity.

Before leaving Jared had an impactful piece of advice for many students, myself in particular “No way you can please anybody all the time”

As students, professionals, significant others, children and siblings we always try to please those around us at inconvenience of ourselves to make our loved ones happy. So take your time to grow as an individual and a professional, even if it’s only failing daily.

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