What is Public Relations?

How do you relate publicly? Do you write reports on what you’ve done in the last few days to  inform people what your next home project is? Some people do just that but on a larger scale, and they are Public Relation specialists.

The Public Relations Society of America defines Public Relations as “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

In practice Public Relations Agents work with the different departments within a company and create campaigns to spread the good the company does.

Public Relations work done in a firm is often a highly competitive field, where many firms fight for clients. When working for one company you become a company expert as you are the one of the few PR members for the company.

In a PR firm there are two normal ways a firm will work with a company, first is a retainer where they do constant maintenance and work for a company. The second is a project where companies hire firms to do one PR campaign for them.

In reality PR consists of work with departments and companies to create an advertising campaign, and informing news affiliates about upcoming and pertinent information. The news affiliates receive information in two forms, a media advisory, and a press release.

A media advisory is a barebones informational sheet containing the basics of Who, What, Where, When, and Why. Whereas a press release is used by news affiliates for their articles, covers Who, What, Where, When, Why, how, and who cares and is released to the public after something has begun for a complete audience.

PR specialists also do work with other forms of media, legacy, digital and social. Working with radio, Television, magazines, the internet, and social media to present their company in the best light.

The real job of a PR specialist is ultimately to inform, this means using multiple forms of media and multimedia to persuade and inform. Kevin Brett, a CWU PR professor said “The best form of relations is personal relations.”

How do you relate?


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