Learning Shlearning

How do you communicate? Is it with words, with meanings, with pictures? Words are associated with meanings. When you see an object a word comes to mind, for each of us there are words that pertain to items and meanings.

We live in a world of words, each and every one of us shares that in common. How do we know what words are worth hanging onto? When it comes to college many students pay attention while they can, then lose interest because they sit through hours of lectures for each class.

What happened to the thought of learning by doing, of practice makes perfect, of failing forward? The world is now a do what I say, but you won’t need to do this until you graduate.

Working Knowledge is simply the ability to put knowledge into practice, and knowledge is having that information stored. What employers want in life is not employees that have knowledge of their field. What employers crave is employees that have a working and versatile knowledge about their field.

According to politifact In 2013  United States Senator Ron Johnson says “On average, a college degree takes six years.” According to the average students who started college within a year of finishing high school took five years and 10 months.


That means that college grads are flocking with their resumes saying “I know” when when asked to show they become clueless because they learned everything, however they never learned to DO everything.

The University of Iowa determines that to graduate with a bachelors you must complete 120 semester hours of credit. This includes taking all the required classes and required pre-requisites.


After Five years and more than 120 semester hours of credit students still find themselves in the same spot, they know what to do, they just don’t know how to do what they need to do. Lecture based classes give you the information you need but often lack in the experience factor of having the students complete the tasks themselves which is often missing.


What good is a degree if you only gain the education, you also need the working knowledge to achieve a real level of success so you can be versatile in careers.










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