Take Note 7 – Samsung

Imagine being at work, then getting a call that your products were catching fire or exploding, how would you react, what would you do?


Samsung faced one of the biggest public relations crises in the last few years because their Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s batteries had problems with combustion, and exploding.

Samsung was faced with a unique problem when it wasn’t a defective phone, but the battery component inside that was dangerous to any user, because users could be burned or worse if a phone exploded in their pocket or in their hand.


The batteries caught fire or exploded because the liquid inside the batteries is highly flammable, if the battery short-circuited, or there was a puncture, the energy goes to the path of least resistance, it heats up at the spot, catching fire or exploding.


Samsung Handled this well, by recalling the phones, offering a refund, exchanging their phones for a new note 7, galaxy S7, or S7 edge. This let consumers know that they were sorry, but wanted to move on, and this was a way for samsung phones to prove themselves again.

Samsung did good by following a principle of tell the truth, tell it fast, and move on. Samsung could have used more public disclosures on how they were handling the situation, and done more to show their apologies before moving on.


I believe that Samsung could show good intention by donating money and paying hospital and damage fees to apologise for the damage, and show their goodwill for those affected by the cell phone issues.

Doing so alongside recalling the Note 7’s would give consumers a sense of closure by simply donating money, and paying for damages caused by the Note 7 accidents.


However the biggest thing after telling the truth is moving on, So by pushing the recall, apologizing and giving to those who filed suits stopped the note 7 from becoming a huge incident other than the fact that they were not allowed on airplanes would cause a quick turnover.

How well can you communicate in a crisis? Take your time to learn all the information available, and using that create a sound report of what has happened so far. Thus you will have the whole truth, you can tell it fast, and move on!






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