He IS my President



After a 20 year low voting turnout, we have a president. This man is someone’s first choice, and someones last choice. No matter the choice of any one person.


Donald J Trump the 45th president of the united states was sworn in on Friday January 20, 2017. This has sparked a voter pool unhappy with the candidate chosen, as Donald Trump was not the majority vote, but the electoral college pick. This changed the way many people felt about the United States democracy, feeling rather than the people’s voice, it was the fews choice.


There have been people who are citizens of the United States of America that say “Not My President” for the reason that they did not vote for the elected president.  


The reason many are up in arms is due to the Popular vote being different than the Electoral college vote.


Hillary Clinton won popular vote with 48.2 percent of voters, and Donald Trump  had 46.1 percent  of voters.


Currently the popular vote is to show electors and voters who people voted for what candidate.


The electoral college has votes based on states, and their representative states California being a dense state has 55 electoral votes whereas states with less population like Vermont have 3 electoral votes.


Donald Trump received 306 Electoral votes to Hillary Clinton who received 232 votes. This means no matter how much one doesn’t want it to be, Donald Trump has been elected and sworn in as the United States of America’s 45th president.


No matter how much you disagree with policies, or beliefs, he is your president. You can make the best out of the situation and work on bettering the communities we are from.


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