3 reasons why all Public Relations degrees should require practical experience

People can attend a university for 4 years and take their required classes, and they might have entry level experience, and a knowledge pool that many aren’t experienced to draw from.

1) Practice makes perfectpractice

To draw from a knowledge pool knowledge must be improved and practiced to the point that memory can be accessed and used without difficulty. Until you practice practice practice and understand your field.

2) Working with others

Working with a team of experienced teateamwork4-360x225m members can be a challenge of adjusting to working as a professional. When someone is used to working alone, or only with teams the experience is a lot different between group projects or solo work for a class, than it is for a real client who has specific goals, objectives, and a writing style setup to use as guidelines.

3) Experiencemobile-experience

The difference between hearing about the work being done, and the work that has been done is large. Someone without experience can say they know what things are such as Crisis communications, Press releases, or media advisories. One does not know how to access information under pressure unless they have done work underneath pressure and deadlines.

While experience can be gained, practice can be done, and teamwork or working well alone can be learned, the best time to gain these experiences is when you still don’t know everything, and you are open to new ideas and experiences.

Think to yourself, is it really worth it to experience college, and graduate without any practical experience?

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