Catching Fire

Catching fire, but this time we don’t need Katniss


We all know Samsung had a major crisis with their Note 7 and it exploding or catching fire, what would happen if another company did it, let’s say Apple IPhones?


We know that you should be careful with your battery, or you may find everything you’ve worked for has gone up in flames — Literally.


How many people looked past the face and saw the real reason for the explosions rather than blaming Samsung and their note 7.


The reason these batteries are exploding and catching fire isn’t held to one phone, as many phones could have these problems. If you ask how I’ll ask you to think about it again.


What was your reason?


The reason I have found is because of the batteries. Yes, the batteries are the cause. How many phones use Lithium Ion batteries these days?

According to Explainthatstuff “When the battery is charging up, the lithium-cobalt oxide, positive electrode gives up some of its lithium ions, which move through the electrolyte to the negative, graphite electrode and remain there. The battery takes in and stores energy during this process. When the battery is discharging, the lithium ions move back across the electrolyte to the positive electrode, producing the energy that powers the battery. In both cases, electrons flow in the opposite direction to the ions around the outer circuit. Electrons do not flow through the electrolyte: it’s effectively an insulating barrier, so far as electrons are concerned. “

I know IPhone, the Samsung Galaxy series, the Samsung Note series and many more use Lithium – Ion batteries.samsung_logo_seo


Normally there isn’t a problem because of technology and paths these materials follow.


The problem is when there is a hole created in the battery or some other flaw in the battery. The material becomes hazardous rushing to the path of least resistance in an attempt to be released. This causes the battery to superheat and catch fire or explode.


If Apple had had these problems it wouldn’t have just been Snow White who took a bite of a real poison apple.2duzfgtv2fsf1btj


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