Experience Is Key

I am a Senior Account Supervisor with Central Communication Agency, a student led student run public relations agency for clients local to Ellensburg, WA.


I thought that it would be a good experience to know both leadership and membership. At the time I didn’t realize how right I was. Being a Senior Account Supervisor has been an experience I will never forget. Now that I think about it, my experience began with one sentence:

AWESOME Luke – you will be a great fit!”


My first day as a Senior Account Supervisor I felt intimidated and worried as I walked through the doors. Thoughts flooded my head such as “What if I am not good enough.” “Look at all these people who are more qualified than you to lead a team.” I realized however, that the reason I got this opportunity wasn’t only because I was willing, but because I was someone who had shown willingness to work hard and learn more skills to increase their portfolio. I realized that the drive I had shown in even applying for the position was more than many others had shown when it came to the class. At that time only one thing came to mind “I am qualified.”


After working with Ellensburg Community Radio and working with a wonderful team My confidence had been built up, and I applied for another round, with the words  “It will be great to get to work with you spring quarter as one of our Leadership members.” I began working and excitedly contacted my client, getting a response of “Hey Luke I’m away from Perkins until next Friday if you want to meet up anytime after that I’m in.”

I froze, How can I come up with objectives, tactics, and start working without client input and approval of our objectives and tactics?


That was the only thing to do, after coming up with a realistic list of objectives and tactics for our work we began planning and creating content for the client, hoping the work would be accepted. After a week and a half I met with the client, and he agreed to most of our objectives with little changes to what was already planned.


What has passed has only given me a stronger drive and more reason to continue to succeed and work as hard as I can. I am the someone needed as long as I continue to work and strive for bigger and better things.


I know now that Experience is Key

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